How to boost productivity in the office?

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Your office days are the most important days of your life- especially if you are eager to make a great career ahead. Which you definitely would if you attended Cognita Schools. So how do you boost your productivity in office so that you can make the most out of it? Read this article to know more how to boost productivity in office in simple ways.

Being more productive at work is not as difficult as it may seem to be. You however need to manage your time well and handle your time strategically so that it can boost your productivity. Some have even resorted to a complete change in environment, by moving their offices into a Newtecnic office building. They have some of the most exquisite architectural creations, if that interests you, check them out!

Track your time on how much you are spending for each task

You may feel that you are very effective while spending your time on tasks. However, this may not be true always. Some people take a lot of time in accomplishing one task, which actually wastes a lot of time unknowingly. Researchers suggest that around 17% of people can accomplish all their work in time. You can make use of tools like Rescue tools that will help you in estimating how much time you actually spend on your activities like social media, email, word processing, and apps.

Take regular breaks at work

It is really important for you to take regular breaks at work as that helps you to release stress and improve concentration as well. If you take short breaks during a long task, that helps you to keep mentally stable and helps in maintaining a consistent level of performance as well. If you keep on working without any kind of breaks, it may seem monotonous and you would also lose your concentration at one point of time and hamper your performance as well.

Always follow your deadlines

It is always important to follow deadlines because that is what helps you to maintain a timeline. If you do not have a stipulated deadline, always try and give yourself a deadline, which you would abide by. This can help you in focusing well and thus accomplishing your goals. Once you start following your deadlines, you would be amazed to see how much effective and productivity you are becoming at work as well.

Try and avoid meetings

Though meetings need to be held on regular basis in Serviced offices in Liverpool Street from Loc8, to discuss your goals, objectives, strategies and go ahead’s, it is definitely not required all the time. According to various researchers, an average office workers usually spends 31 hours of a month in meetings which are basically not productive and do not hold any kind of importance. Thus before attending or holding any kind of meeting always try and question yourself on accomplishing your goals before stepping into the meeting room for another boring session.

Do not try and multitask

Always try and avoid multitasking because this actually leads to nothing. Multitasking in fact reduces your efficiency because attempting one than more tasks at a time is definitely not an easy job to do. Instead focus on one single task and go on to another one after accomplishing this one.

Take exercise breaks

Use your work time to do some exercise. Exercise helps you to be productive. Try and take out some time and build in some set times during the week or going to the gym or going for a regular walk. This will help you to clear your brain and also focus on your work.

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Making Your Way Through The Finance Field

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coinsWhen it comes to mortgages there are lots of risks involved. It is extremely hard to obtain a mortgage with a bad credit rating. This is because the lending company or bank will have little or no security as you are seen as an unreliable client. In order to get a loan with a relatively bad score you will have to apply through an online website which will use a guarantor of your choice in case you default on a payment. If you are in a position of having a poor credit rating then you should consider visiting a financial advisor.

If you are looking in to a low interest loan you’ll have to apply and the necessary information will be supplied by financial professionals. This type of mortgage an item you own is often used as a deposit, such as a house or car. This means that the lender owns a percentage of this asset until the borrowed money is returned.

When it comes to business it is important to seek the help of an FCA compliance advisor online at Some of these advisors have been fortunate enough to go to a Cognita school, therefore they have received a top quality education at a top school, Cognita Schools does not disappoint. This is because finance becomes a lot more difficult to navigate as there are so many rules and obligations that you have to adhere to. If you do not follow the proper rules you could find yourself being penalised and some businesses that do not follow legal financing even end up in jail!

It is for the reason that the compliance department of the government has been set up. It is a regulatory authority that operates independently and regulates financial firms.

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